Your Guide To Property Insurance

Check With Your Homeowners Insurance Before Getting These 6 Things

Few homeowners would consider checking with their insurance company before adding things to their own property. But when it comes to a category of property known as attractive nuisances, checking with your insurance agent first is a smart move. Here are what kinds of things you might check on before buying.

1. A Swimming Pool

Attractive nuisances are things that can inherently draw in children and others, resulting in an increased risk of injury. Swimming pools are some of the most common attractive nuisances. Most policies still cover a home with a pool, but you'll need to learn what mitigation measures are necessary. 

2. A Trampoline

Trampolines may or may not even be covered by your home insurance. Early trampoline adopters experienced serious safety issues, leading to some carriers refusing to cover properties with them. If you're determined to get one, you may also be able to get a special rider for coverage. 

3. A Project Car

Thinking of starting a project with your kids to fix up an old car, truck, tractor, or other vehicles? Find out if it qualifies as an attractive nuisance first. Kids could be attracted to any construction or repair project, and it has many dangers. 

4. A Tree House

Tree houses are fun, but they carry an inherent risk. Unfortunately, their elevated position and openness may make them more appealing to neighborhood kids, increasing the risk of someone getting hurt outside your presence. One key safety measure is to physically prevent access when you're not around. 

5. A Fountain

Any type of water feature is usually considered an increased risk. Swimming pools and hot tubs may be obvious risk points, but what about your backyard pond, water fountain, or stream? Find out how your carrier handles these landscape features before you invest in one. 

6. A Swing Set

As your kids age and want to play outside, a swing set is a common home addition. But you'll have to take precautions to ensure that yours is as safe as can be for everyone. Chances are that your carrier will continue to cover the property, but they may want you to take injury mitigation steps. 

Where to Start

Are you thinking of adding one or more of these common things to your primary residence? If so, the best place to begin is by talking with a qualified insurance agent in your state today. With their help, you'll learn how it may affect your coverage and make the best decisions for everyone. For more information on home insurance coverage, contact a company like Binyon Agency.