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Ready, Set, Go! File The Fastest Auto Insurance Claim Possible!

These days, you can file a really fast auto insurance claim, and it does not take you away from everything else you have to do. While filing over the phone works, most insurance companies want to see the damage done to the vehicle. That used to mean bringing them photos that were instantly developed, or photos you had to have developed and waited for. Now, all you need is your insurance company's app and a smartphone or tablet. Here is how these particular mobile auto insurance services work.

​As Soon As You Are Able, Step Out Of The Vehicle And Open The App

​If you can determine that nothing appears badly injured, step out of your vehicle and open the app right after your accident. You can begin filing for the claim right there while you wait for the police to show up. DO NOT MOVE YOUR VEHICLE. It is critical to both your claim and the police report that you do not move the vehicles in the accident until the police arrive and tell you to do so. That makes this the perfect moment to fill out the claim form, take and upload pictures of the damage to your vehicle, and any other vehicles involved. When the police arrive, pause your claim and save it. 

​Talk To The Police About The Accident

​The police will fill out a report on the spot. When they are finished, they will give you a copy of it. Open your insurance app again and resume filing your claim. At this point, the app will ask for a copy of the police report, if one exists (which it does). Take a picture of the report, and upload that. 

​Move/Tow Your Vehicle And Finish Filing Your Claim

​If you do not have towing insurance with your auto insurance company, you will have to pay for a tow if you cannot safely move your vehicle out of the way. If you have towing insurance and want to use it, you will have to call your insurance company anyway. Finish filing your claim by checking the boxes in the app that agree to terms of service, digitally sign the documents, and hit enter or send. Your insurance claim is filed that quickly, and with zero difficulty. Your insurance agent can examine it right away if it is during the week and open hours, or he/she will look at it on the next business day.