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Questions That You Should Be Prepared To Answer When Applying For Auto Insurance

Insuring your car through a place like Stanger Insurance is incredibly important. Most states actually require that you carry auto insurance if you have a drivers license. The amount that each person pays in auto insurance will vary greatly depending on their individual situation. Here are some things that will affect your auto insurance costs.

How Good Of A Driver Are You?

One of the most important questions the insurance company will ask is how good of a driver you are. This is why it is so important that you do everything you can to protect yourself and your driving record. If you get in a car accident, and you were responsible for it, your insurance will go up. If you get a speeding ticket, your insurance will go up. If you have traffic violations of any kind, including not wearing a seat belt, distracted driving, and aggressive driving, you will pay more in insurance. Thus, keep a clean record, and save money.

How Often Do You Drive?

It is simple math, the more often you drive, the more likely you are to get into a car accident. This means that if you can carpool more, take public transportation or work closer to home so you are putting less miles on the car, you are more likely to save on your auto insurance. It is people who have long commutes, who drive often for work or pleasure, or who are on the road a lot, especially if you drive long hours, that will see a raise in their insurance premiums.

What Kind Of Car Do You Drive?

How nice of a car you have will directly correlate to how much you pay in auto insurance. Insuring something like a older American made car will cost a lot less than if you have a new foreign made sports car. This doesn't mean you can't drive nice cars, but you should be aware that if you choose to buy a more expensive, and more unique car, you will spend more money in insurance.

What Is Your Marital Status?

Believe it or not, married people, and those with children tend to get a break on their auto insurance. It is assumed that once you are married and if you have a family you will be a defensive driver and more cautious on the road. Thus, don't be afraid to share personal information if you are married or have kids.

By understanding what affects your auto insurance you can know what to expect in your premiums.