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Give Yourself The Gift Of Cheaper Car Insurance This Holiday Using These 3 Tips

While most things this holiday season are bound to take money out of your bank account, the three tips outlined below can actually help you to keep more money in your bank account. That is because, with the use of these three tips, it is possible for you to score much cheaper rates on your next car insurance policy.

Tip #1: Take Advantage Of Safe Driver Discount Apps

Most major auto insurance carriers now offer their customers the ability to secure a discounted monthly premium by agreeing to use their safe driver mobile apps. The way these apps work is really rather simple. You begin by downloading the application to your phone and granting the application permission to gather certain data regarding your driving habits. This data includes things like your average speed, the amount of time you spend on the road, and whether or not you actively use your phone while driving. This information is then sent to the insurance company who uses this information to determine how safe of a driver you are. The safer you drive, the more you can expect to save.

Tip #2: Review Your Coverage Options With A Reputable Insurance Agent

One of the most effective ways to save money on your car insurance is to ensure you are not paying for coverage that you don't really need. For instance, if you already have roadside assistance coverage either as part of your vehicle warranty or as a stand-alone policy, including this type of coverage in your auto insurance policy as well is a waste of money. Taking the time to review your coverage options and insurance needs with a reputable insurance agent prior to purchasing a new policy will allow you to determine exactly how much coverage you really need and what types of coverage you really need, and ultimately ensure that you are only paying for what you really need. 

Tip #3: Take Steps To Reduce Your Risk

When you request a quote from an auto insurance company, that company performs a risk assessment on you to determine how high of a risk you are to insure. The higher the risk, the more the company will charge for your policy. Taking steps to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident or needing to file any type of claim against your policy will ultimately result in reduced insurance rates. Some of the ways in which you can reduce your overall risk are by completing a defensive driving course, installing additional safety or anti-theft equipment in your vehicle, and reducing the overall amount of time you spend on the road each day.

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