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Car Insurance Tips For Senior Citizens To Keep In Mind

As your age begins to climb into the golden years, you can expect your car insurance premium to follow suit. Seniors in their 60s or older will typically have to pay more for their car insurance because the insurance company will start viewing them as a higher risk. But just because you are getting older doesn't mean you can't figure out some ways to continue saving money. Here are some tips that might help you keep your car insurance quote in check.

Are You Retired? 

Most car insurance companies assume that drivers are using their vehicles for a daily commute. But what happens if you retire and no longer have a commute? Call your insurance company and let them know that the way you are using your car is changing. If the insurance company knows the vehicle might not be out on the road every single day, this could reduce the amount of risk they are taking on and lower your rate.

Consider Some Changes If Your Car is Paid Off

If you long ago paid off the loan on the car that you drive, you could consider a couple of different changes that might lower your insurance premium. One, you could simply raise your deductible because you are no longer on the financial hook for the vehicle if something happens. Yes, wrecking the car would be bad, but it's better to lose a car that is 100-percent paid off than to lose one that you still owe payments on.

Second, you should stop and consider if now is the right time to switch to a cheaper car altogether. A less expensive vehicle will not cost as much to insure (because it won't cost as much to repair if something happens). 

Seek Out Senior Driving Classes

If you get in an accident as a senior, there's a chance a judge could require you to take a senior driving course.. But you can start doing this long before you are legally required to. Pass a driving course designed for seniors, and send the certificate in to your insurance company. If they know you are actively trying to be a better driver, this might be a way to lower your insurance premium. The AARP is well known for one such driving safety course.

If you want to keep your insurance premium down as a senior, contact an insurance company, such as Boone Ritter Insurance, and ask about your options today.