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Tips For Getting Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance can be costly, so when your budget is tight, you want to get the lowest rate you can without sacrificing good coverage. Rates vary by insurance company, so it's good to shop around. Here are some other things you can do to help you get cheap car insurance.

Be A Safe Driver

You want to avoid speeding and reckless driving tickets, or your insurance rate will probably go up. Being a safe driver that doesn't get in accidents or files claims can also help. You might even ask your insurance company if you can get a break on the cost of your insurance if you take a defensive driving course.

Drive An Old Car

When you're in a life phase where money is tight, then driving an old car can be beneficial as long as it is in good mechanical shape. Insurance rates are usually lower on old cars, and you can carry less insurance, which further reduces the cost. If you need to downgrade your car, talk to your insurance company about rates on older cars so you have an idea of the year and model to look for to get the cheapest insurance rate.

Install Anti-Theft Devices

If you have a new car, there are some things you can do to lower your insurance rate. Adding certain safety features or anti-theft devices could get you a break on your insurance. Ask your agent for new car add-ons that reduce insurance cost so you can look for them when you're car shopping or consider adding them to a car you already own. You'll have the expense of adding on a device, but your car will be safer, so the money is well spent.

Choose A High Deductible

While you'll have a minimum amount of insurance that's required by your state, you can play around with how much insurance coverage you carry. One choice you have is with the deductible. You never know when an accident will happen, so choosing a high deductible could be risky. Ask your insurance agent for advice, but if you go with a higher deductible, your insurance rate will be lower.

When you've had a life change that makes it necessary to find cheap car insurance, start by talking to an agent. Let them know you're looking for cheap car insurance. The agent may find ways to cut your insurance rate that you didn't know were possible, and every bit you shave off your monthly premiums will help.