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Prescription Drug Plans: For More Than Just Medicare

Prescription drug plans are common for people that have Medicare Part A or Part B. However, what's less commonly known is that some of these plans can be beneficial for people beyond those in this category. Learn more about how a prescription drug plan can help you.

Long-Term Medication Need

If you have a medical condition that requires you to take prescription medication regularly, a prescription drug plan is a great cost-saving option for you to consider. Prescription drug plans come along with minimal premium amounts and offer the benefit of low copays, and in some cases, even a zero-dollar copay. 

As if these benefits weren't enough, some drug plans also come along with a home delivery option, which allows you to have your medications delivered to your door. If you don't currently have any coverage, the addition of a drug plan can provide you with extensive savings over the years.

Minimal Employer Coverage

Not all health insurance plans offered by employers are the same. Some come with low-cost drug copayments that are cost savings, and some are worthless. If your employer plan leaves much to be desired in this area, adding your own prescription drug plan can help you save. 

For instance, you can use your employer plan for your doctor's visits and other treatment but use the drug plan for your medication. Even if your employer offers reasonable copayments, but has a limited formulary, a drug plan with a more extensive list of covered drugs can help you save. You can typically view the formulary of a plan before you secure the policy.

Future Protection

It's always best to plan for a problem before that problem arises. If you are getting older or thinking about the future, it's a good idea to consider a prescription drug plan even now. For example, while you might not need to take medication now, you never know what your medical needs might look like in the coming years. 

If you already have a plan and should things change with your health, you can have confidence that you already have coverage. Additionally, some plans come with locked-in pricing, so if you secure your plan now and pricing increases, you can still take advantage of the lower cost pricing. 

There are a variety of prescription drug plans available for you to choose from. Contact a prescription drug plans representative to learn more about the options that meet your specific needs.